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Zwift is an online, virtual program where riders can ride various 'virtual routes' all over the world from Yorkshire & Harrogate to Innsbruck & Paris or there own made-up world Watopia. You can ride on your own or in a meet-up with your friends.  


To join Zwift & get started click link below which will take you to Zwifts website where you can find everything & anything about it.

Anyone can use Zwift all you need is the following:

  • Turbo Trainer

  • Bike

  • PC/Mobile Phone/IPad etc.

  • Internet connection

  • A fan & towel are recommended

Sodbury use Zwift for Club rides (when the weather is very poor) & to race. When there is a Zwift club ride organised the details to join the ride can be found on our Facebook page & on our Club ride calendar. 

Sodbury compete in various Zwift leagues (WTRL Zwift league & more local leagues like the BC south Christmas league), when they are put on in a various categories from C to A. Below is our race results within certain leagues.

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