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New to Cycling?

Here at Sodbury we do what we can to offer support to those who have just started cycling or are looking to get into cycling. Although we do not have the capacity to cater for completely new riders we do offer a social 40 mile Green ride on the first Sunday of every month for people who can already cycle 30 miles and are looking to push to the next milestone of 40. We aim for these rides to be as flat as possible however due to the nature of the local terrain there are usually a few lumps and bumps in the roads. At halfway about 20 miles in there will be a coffee stop to relax and refuel. If your or anyone needs to stop for any reason during the ride then be sure to let your fellow riders know.

If you would like to come our more regularly then please post on our Facebook group so other like minded people can join in. We will always try to help where we can.

For more up to date information take a look at our Facebook page on details of our monthly social rides.

In the meantime between monthly Green rides why not have a go at the routes below to help try and improve. Why not give yourself a challenge to try and complete the routes below as quickly as possible.

Route 1: ( )

Distance: 16 miles  Elevation: 724ft

Descriptor Times:

Gold: Speed, 15+ Time; 1hr:04:00 or less

Silver: Speed, 13-15mph Time; 1hr:14:00 / 1hr:04:00

Bronze: Speed; 12-13mph Time; 1hr:21:00 / 1hr:14:00


Route 2: ( )

Distance: 18 miles  Elevation: 1016ft 

Descriptor Times:

Gold: Speed, 15mph+ Time; 1hr:13:00 or less

Silver: Speed, 13-15mph. Time; 1hr:24:00 / 1hr:13:00

Bronze: Speed, 12-13mph Time; 1hr:31:00 / 1hr:24:00


Route 3: ( )

Distance: 20 miles Elevation: 838ft

Descriptor Times:

Gold: Speed, 15mph+ Times; 1hr:20:00 or less

Silver: Speed, 13-15mph Times; 1hr:32:00 / 1hr:20:00

Bronze: Speed, 12-13mph Times; 1hr:40:00 / 1hr:32:00

Hand Signals

Hand Signals.jpg

It is important when riding on a club run to stay safe and understand some essential hand signals.

The illustration below shows the hand signals and descriptions of what each signal means.


Hand straight up in the air. Group is stopping for a junction, puncture or because there is an obstruction in the road.


Move one hand as if gently patting a dog.  Group is slowing down or just easing things back a bit.


Waving/Pointing behind back indicates that there is an obstruction such as a parked car or pedestrian and that the whole group needs to move in the direction indicated to avoid it.


Left or right hand extended out to the side. Direction of turn/change in direction coming up.


Pointing down at the road sometimes with a circulating motion to an obstruction on the road such as a pothole or drain cover that needs to be avoided.  Be sensible with this one and only point out major obstacles.  This signal is often accompanied with a call of "below".

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