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Time Trials

Sodbury members regularly take part in Time Trials all year round. From our own locally run time trial league to bigger events that are ran around our local race car track, castle Coombe. Some of our members have even gone to the extreme and competed in the national 100 mile TT.

Sodbury work in collaboration with two other cycling clubs to run a local Time trial league. Where at the end of the season the team who collected the most points wins the Tris-club award. Each week is taken in turns to run the event which includes marshalling, Sign on/out & timekeeping. 

Most weeks after the time trial everyone heads to the pub for a pint & chips and a chat. It makes a normal TT into a weekly get together with lots of different people and is great to get involved with even if your not serious about racing! Anyone can enter wether that's on a TT bike or a road bike.

To view the TT dates & times please view our Calendar or look on our Facebook page in events.


Sodbury taking the 2019 Tri TT Cup


TT Course Details

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