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Water Bottle

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Brand: TACX

500ml Custom Sodbury Water Bottle

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As a member you will have access to various outlets allowing you to purchase items from cycling clothes to gifts all in Sodbury colours to support your club! 


Password for Sodbury Kit: Sodbury2019


Nopinz is our club kit provider. Through Nopinz you are able to order any item of cycling clothing available, anytime you like. They have a lead time of 28 working days. Please note due to it being a custom kit refunds are not available so please make sure you choose the correct size, however small adjustments can be made free of charge.


Before any order is placed please email


Alternatively we also offer a more affordable club kit option from GearClub. This however can only be ordered in bulk if there are other members wishing to do the same. The point of contact for this is Keith Hanson ( Members are advised to discuss the quality and price of the various options with other Club Members to decide which option best suits their needs                                   

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