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Club Trips

Sodbury organises a variety of cycling based trips throughout the year. 


These trips range from one day excursions that are well known for their cyclist appeal (North Devon, Wales...), to week long trips abroad to the Alps or Vecors. 

For more information on any events that are upcoming be sure to follow our Facebook page, link down below.

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Matt Reynolds Holiday Review

"June 2017. This was a stunning ride Chris, Darren, George, Claire, Ryan, Sam and myself rode on our last full day in France.

We drove for two hours from our Gite in Pont En Royans and George suggested a small parking space down the road from le Bourg D' Oisans.

We took a Transit van this year so it was easy to transport the bikes and quick to get them out and on the road.

The route we rode is here: We rode from the parking spot and into Bourg. A Beautiful town at the base of Alpe d'Huez . We took photos and joked around at the base of The Alpe. We were all going to time trial up to the Ski resort as it was our last day and we had all saved ourselves for this. It was stunning. If you open the route you'll see we rode down the other side which is The Sarenne. This was used on this years Criterium du Dauphine except the riders rode up it.  We then rode back to the  climb via the Balcony road. It was a bit harder than we anticipated.

The night before, we were all sat around discussing what to do. I suggested it would be nice to do a loop taking is back to the base of the Alpe. Easy we said, look at the profile. Everyone agreed. On the day, I got some serious abuse as it turned out we had not looked hard enough. The trouble is everything looks easy compared to the  3600 ft Alp. We hadn't seen the 1000 ft climb up to the Balcony road. It's not called 'LLB Super C's killer climb to the balcony road' for nothing lol. "

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