Race, Race, Race round up

So lots of racing the last few weeks, mostly hill climbs and the odd TT, as we have allot to get through I think we will just get to it.

3rd October

With bad weather all day and signs it was going to go down hill still we find 45 mad riders at Hinton just outside Pucklechurch for Severn RC's half mile 1 in 7 leg buster. The weather may be one of the reasons 30% of the field stayed away, well that and local COVID regulations. Chris Britten had a few more things to worry about apart from the bad weather, in his hurry to get to the race he left his shoes at home, with not enough time to get home and back before missing his start he called around people with who used Speedplay peddles, lucky John grout came to the rescue, not the most comfortable of shoes but better than trainers or not racing. So after a late shoe change and no warm up it was time to race, and it did not go well.

Chris just missed his time from last year coming back in in 36th place with the time 2:39.6, Wayne "Andrew" Williams went quicker with 33rd place and 2:35.5. Mike Lee who was the only one of us mad enough to ride to the race and back took 30th with 2:32.5 and getting the Kudos for being the Fastest Sodbury ridder on the day is James Meaden with his 21st place in 2:18.5

The Winners on the day turned out to be Tom Williams of Webbs 1902 CC with 1:54.1 and Bexy Dew of Army cycling in 2:27.5, full race report can be found here.


10th October

The University Of Bristol CC had managed to get Belmont hill closed for this years hill climb, this ment more riders and more age category's being able to race including a bunch of little ones, It was going to be a good day. With sign on in a village hall next to a great little coffee stop things couldn't get much better. A coffee stop to remember for future trips. With no warm ups being aloud on the Hill it was important to get it done in the days before had, on the day we chose to warm up on a small group ride.

Caroline Lansdown took on the hill for her first race for Sodbury, and what a first race to do for your new club. Caroline was 138th and 5th female Vet in the time 6:39.9, Heidi Blunden chose this to be her only hill climb race of the season and took 124th in 5:09.3. Chris Britten had already posted 2 PB's on a recce at the start of the week and even though he was a bit disappointed with 78th another PB of 4:04.9 took the edge of things. Wayne "Andrew" Williams took 75th with 4:02.8 but just got pipped by James Harrison who took 74th with 4:01.9.

The Fastest Sodbury ridder honours go again to James Meaden with 29th place and 3:30.2.

Winners on the day are Andrew Feather Huntbikewheels.com with 2:55.7 and Bexy Dew Army Cycling with 3:46.5. Full race report can be found here.


18th October

Bristol South CC holds the last hill climb of the series on the almost 2 mile long Burrington Combe. With the famous cow bell corner not being at its full capacity due to the CTT rules on supports and races it felt like a slightly different race but this one is always "fun". With the gradual incline at the start this one bites from the middle to the end. Only two Sodbury riders made the start line for this event and it was another big turn out with 97 riders turning up on the day.

The conditions couldn't be much better with very light winds and dry roads but this being Chris Britten's 6th race in 9 days he wasn't expecting much, on the start line he was relaxed and stayed that way all the way till the end, this helped on cowbell corner even with the fewer numbers of supporters ringing bells and cheering it still gives you a burst of adrenaline and some times this can be enough to go to hard. With his 4th PB in the 6 hill climbs he finished in 57th in 9:00.9 shaving 11s of his time from last year. James Harrison started 2 minutes behind Chris and took the hill on with vigour, 8:46 scored James 47th place,

After breath had been caught it was back down the hill to get changed and have a good chat with Heidi Blunden and some of the ladies she coaches along great coffee and bacon roll at the Rock Cafe at the bottom. Another great place for a refuel if your in the area.

Winners on the day are Carl Jolly UOBCC with 7:11.3 and Natalie Grinczer CAMS-Tifosi with 8:28.3. Full race report can be found here.


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