TT Time

Our inter-club TT series has been running for a couple of weeks now, due to the COVID problems there unfortunately are unable to have the usual get together for chips and beer after but it's not stopped us from turning up for a bit of healthy competition.

It All kicked of with a win For Tom Saunders, with a winning time of 22:59, Mathew Norris was next Sodbury rider across the line in 7th with 24:46 and in 14th was Adam (Titch) Slee with 28:02.

Sodbury was hosting the next round, with a strong headwind on the way out it had its effect on the riders, Tom Saunders was still the first Sodbury rider back in 3rd place with 24:00, Matt Norris was 7th with 25:16 and Chris Britten was 8th with 25:18. Roll on the next one.

Thanks to Jo Jago for the Pictures.

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