Final CX Race in the series

So the British weather had one last trick to play, Rain had saturated the ground for weeks and this turned the Final round of the Western cx league into a bit of a slog, This didn't stop riders turning up in droves to battle for that last bit of glory at Sham Cross Keynsham.

Simon Davis had a sterling race, 18th over all in his event and 13th in his Category, Chris Britten turned up late but at least this time he had his shoes, unfortunately he asked fr the wrong number so he cant remember where he came.

Heidi Blunden Was 9th in Her race and 5th in the Women's seniors.

Paul Derrick flew around, Jumping the gates and making it all look to easy. He finished a very respectable 6th.

Overall in the league results, Imogen Sparrow Came 4th girl in her age group and 10th overall in her age group. Heidi Blunden Came 4th in Women's senior, and 10th woman overall. Jo Jago was 5th woman's senior and 12th woman overall. Chris Britten was 31st in male Vet 40, Simon Davis was 8th male Vet 50 and Paul Derrick was 2nd Male Senior.

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