Western League CX Round 9 Lockleaze

So it wasn't a bad day, the weather a little cool but dry, unfortunately it had been a bit wet in the days leading up to the race. This didn't stop our plucky CX crew turning up for some elbows out fun.

Imogene *fledgling" Sparrow gave it all she had in the under 12's race, the field swollen with riders due to the lack of a race over in wales. After not a great start to the race she pulled herself back up to 13 female.

Next to churn up the mud for 40 minuets was the Vet 50's, youth and women's category. and churn the mud they did, In the vet 50's we had Simon Davies who completed 4 laps in 38.42 and finished in 17th to collect some hard earned series points and Ian Sparrow who also completed 4 laps in 46.53 to get 30th, not to shabby when his bike had alost doubled in weight in the race. In the women's race Jo Jago slid around the course to a very impressive 5th place and a stack of points with 4 laps in 41.35 and Heidi Blunden racked up 11th place with 4 laps in 47.24.

At this pint the track had become more slip and slide for the Seniors and Vet 40's 1 hour of muddy fun, after falling in practice Chris Britten's ability to stay upright had only marginally improved but having to stop every other lap to remove the built up dirt and litter that clogged the rear wheel was paying it's toll. Chris Managed a mid field place and came back with 23rd, 6 laps in 1:05.51. Paul Derrick was racing in the Senior Cat and suffered similar mud related issues, nether the less he still scored 11th and 7 laps in 1:13.40.

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