Race round up, Hill climb edition

And now it’s coming to the end of the Hill climb season and the WTTA hill climb series has just come to an end. And with that to think about we have a few races to talk about.

On the 5/10/19 Severn RC had their race on the UH90 at Hinton, the course was dry and the wind conditions favourable, Heide Blunden crossed the line in 45th with 2:59.3, Jo Jago was the next and the fastest Sodbury female rider with 41st at 2:48.8. Sodbury had three men riding, Chris Britten who finished 36th with the time 2:38.7, James Harrison was 33rd with 2:37.9 and “the boy” James Meaden was fastest with 15th and a mind blowing 2:12.4. The winner on the day was Josh Coyne 1:50.5 and Lucy Lee with 2:30.2.

The University of Bristol Cycling Club held their hill climb on Bristol’s Belmont Hill, and it was a massive field of 83 riders. Louise Reynolds was 70th and first female VET with 5:16.6, Heidi Blunden 67th with 4:37.6. Jo Jago was fastest Female rider from Sodbury and 3rd female overall with 58th and 4:19.9. Matt Reynolds was 51st and with the time 4:05.9. The winners on the day are Kate Mactear with 3:45.4 and Josh Coyne with 2:36.4.

On the 12/10/19 Sodbury went to Wales to have a crack at the Welsh National Hill Climb Champs, with 65 riders on the start list but 15 riders not showing due to the fear of the onset of very bad weather the competition was furious. The 2.8-mile Hill Climb was on the tumble, a climb we all know and love, it starts steep and just keeps going. Heidi Blunden was 47th and 2nd female senior with 20:38.9, Matt Reynolds was 39th with 17:12.4 and Chris Britten was 38th with 17:07.3. The winners are Rebecca Richardson with 15:23.2 and Andrew Feather with 12:11.5 just pipping Ed Laverack’s 12:12.5.

Second to last race of the year on 19/10/19 finds us at the Team Tor 2000 race Just out side Priddy, to be honest a beast of a hill, full of steps and steep ramps. Heidi Blunden had a giant PB with 9:13.6 “chapeau”, Jo Jago crossed the line as 2nd woman at 7:52.1 and Chris Britten 8th with 7:28.8. Nicole Coates took home the silver ware with 7:04.3 and Andrew F5eather with 5:07.5. On another note and one that deserves a mention, after the prize giving Jo Jago was approached by a young male rider from Bristol University Cycling Club, he had just been awarded a prize for 4th place and offered it to Jo, saying “you got 2nd place I got forth, you deserve a prize”. In this day and age where youngsters get so much stick abut being glued to phones and not being able to hold a conversation, this young man could see that having a prize down to 4th place for men and only 1st for women is wrong, so why cant the organisers. Well done Tim Bodey.

The last race of the series rolls around quick, 20/10/19 and we are at one of the biggest hill climbs in the area, Burrington Combe or catchily call UH26 run by Bristol South CC, a great set of prizes matched for men and women are up for grabs and your last time to get some good points and change your position on the series leader board. A gaggle of Sodbury ridders turned up an some of the best ridders in the country came to battle it out before the national hill climb champs next weekend. Heidi Blunden crossed the line in 10:59.3, a great time on this 2 mile accent. Jo Jago still suffering from a cold she has still to shift flew over in 9:37.7, Chris Britten finished his maiden race on the Combe in 9:11.3 and from James Harrison the best time from the club, he ended the 601ft of climbing at an average of 6% in 8:42.8. A new record and the win went to Ed Laverack with 6:40.5 and Olivia Bentley with 8:41.7.

In no order Chris Britten ended the season as 24th male and 7th VET, Jo Jago was 2nd female an 1st senior female, Heidi Blunden was 6th female and 5th senior female, there are many other Sodbury riders who took place but none that completed 6 qualifying races, but hopefully next year we can have a few more, there I a best team category at each race you know!

Looking forward to next week end as Matt Reynolds, Chris Britten, Heidi Blunden and Jo Jago will be joining the others from the west country massive in Devon as we head to the National Hill Climb Champs

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