CX And Hill Climbs so far

It's that time of the year when we stop thinking about getting aero, and start thinking about getting light or getting dirty, that's right the Cyclo cross and Hill Climb seasons have begun. So lets have a look at whats been going on.

On the 1 Sep 2019 was the Western League CX Winter Round 1 Bradford on Avon, Sodbury had a few riders entered in several Categories, Simon Davis is the Vet 50s was first to battle over this twisting course and came home in 19th place, Paul Derrick and Chris Britten rolled up in Seniors and Vet 40's respectfully. Paul came back with a respectable 18th after catching a puncture and Chris was 27th.

Dursley road club held it's Hill climb on UH15 (stouts as we would call it) on the 07-09-2019, the race was won by Andrew Feather in the time off 4:25, first female was Nicole Coates with 6:10. fly the flag for Sodbury was Chris Britten who claimed a PB with 6:00 and 23rd place.

On the 08-09-2019 Somerset Road Club had it's hill climb on the UHC23, Again Andrew Feather took the win in 4:10, and Nicole Coates fastest Lady at 5:40.5, Chris Britten of Sodbury was disappointed with his time 5:38.3 a bit slower than his previous years time. It was also Western League CX Winter Round 2 Gloucester Boating Lake, Simon Davis was again Sodburys only Vet 50 rider and came in at 17th,

Odd down in Bath was the location for Western League CX Winter Round 3 on the 15-09-2019, Simon Davis had a Stella race and came in 13th in the Vet 50's, Clare Lawrence took fart in her first race of the season and took an easy 8th, Paul Derrick in the seniors grabbed 11th and Chris Britten managed 17th in the Vet 40's. Salt And Sham (SAS) cycling club also had their hill climb, Josh Coyne took the win in 2:24.1 and Jess Railton took 1st lady with 3:17.3, Jo Jago came 3rd with 3:26.7 and Heidi Blunden was 8th with 4:03.4.

On the 21-09-2019 Sodbury cycle sport held their first Hill climb to count in the series, but we will have a full report on that latter.

22-09-2019 was Chew Valley Cycling Club's Hill climb on UH91, Jake Hollins from Bath Cycle Club took the win in 5:14.9, and Jo Jago took first Lady with 6:51.7, Chris Britten took a new course PB with 6:30.1 and Heidi Blunden finnished with 7:51.

29 Sep 2019,Western League CX Round 4 Netham saw a great showing from Sodbury club members. Simon Davis took 18th in Vet 50's on this wet and muddy day, he was joined by Alistair Poole for his first CX adventure who finished 22nd. Jo Jago finished 1st over all and Clare Lawrence was 10th and 1st Vet 40 female. Vet 40's rider Chris Britten didn't fare to well as the mud got deeper and came back in 25th place.

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