Race round up

As our TT series rolled to an end we had two special events to take part in, first was the 2up TT, for this we had three pairings, Tom Saunders and Paul derrick who took a fab 2nd place with a time of 20:11 over the nine mile course, Chris Britten and Matt Norris 5th with 21:56 and Jo Jago and Darren Pittman who after dropping a chain still returned 8th with 21:59.

The Most important race of the series, the interclub cup was this Tuesday, our ranks swelled as we had the return of Lee Aston and Laurent Moseley, In all 9 riders from Sodbury came to challenge the best Kingswood Tri Club and VC Bristol had to offer. With only the fastest 5 riders from the clubs times going towards the final result we felt we had a great pool of talent to draw from. Laurent came in with 19th of 29 and a time 24:39, Matt Norris 14th and 23:18, Matt Reynolds 11th and 22:49, Jo Jago 10th and 22:33, Chris Britten 7th and 22:17, Jeremy Tiley 6th and 22:13, Darren Pittman 4th and 21:39, Paul Derrick 2nd and 20.46 and Lee Aston taking the win with 19:55.

The Average time of our top 5 riders was 21:22 beating our closest rivals by 1:15.

Neadless to say, we could not have held such a great event this year without the help other membersof the club helping out, A giant thanks to Kevin Green, Terry, Gav and Jon grout and many others I have forgotten who gave up spare time and enjoyed bants, chips and shandy. Dazza for getting on board as the main man and helping to put it all together and A BIG thanks and well done to Kingswood Tri and VC Bristol as without their hard work and teams there wouldn't be a race to put on.

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