Sodbury CS Race results

On Easter Sunday Sodbury Cycle Sports had interest in three teams in the Performance Cycles Easter Sunday 4-up team time trial, with a team of four including Chris Britten, Darren Pitman, Lara Fay Smith and Matt Reynolds, also two other club members Kurt Green and Jo Jago making up numbers in two other teams. It was Kurt's first return to racing in a while after being press ganged into a team, Jo Jago was for filling team duties with her team at performance cycles and it was Laura and co's first race together for Sodbury Cycle Sports.

Our Team of four worked well together despite having no time to practice together or any warm up to speak of (also my constant returning to the car for things I forgot didn't help matters), we all got into a rhythm and stayed together all the way to the end. Kurt and Jo's teams all performed well on the day.

Although on the Day we managed to be called out as the winners of the mixed event time keeping issues have meant that this was soon revoked and all off the team’s official times have yet to be announced. Whatever the result we all had a good race, welcome back Kurt Green and well-done Laura Fay Smith for competing in your first race for Sodbury CS.

One last note, many thanks to the people who came along to support us and watch us race, if any one knows who the photographer was on the side of the road please let us know.

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