If you're looking for people to ride with, please get in touch. It doesn't matter what standard you are, or how much experience you have of cycling clubs, we'd love to hear from you.

Our Facebook page is very active and is a great way to get in touch and find out what's going on.



Kevin Green

Kit Secretary, Webmaster

Chris Britten, Kit Secretary/Webmaster.  I started with the club about four years ago after trying time trials that the club was holding, I have been around bikes all my life and have given most things a try.


 I like the Sunday rides with a stop for coffee, cake and a chat as well as trying my hand at racing.  Im a cytech Lvl 2 cycle mechanic and a lover of all things bike.

Ride Coordinator

James Meaden

I have many names from whipper snapper to mountain goat but you can call me whatever you want. I’ve been road cycling for nearly 4 years & have become severely addicted. You’ll normally find me riding uphill somewhere. Joining the club was the best choice I made when starting cycling, met a great bunch of people and have had lots of opportunities open up to me from racing to riding abroad! I’m also partial to a twister...


Heidi Blunden

i've been riding a bike for as long as I can remember, cycling has always been part of my life. I enjoy challenging myself in competition but also the social and mental wellbeing that cycling brings.

I am a qualified British Cycling coach and enjoy coaching and riding road and cyclocross. I enjoy racing in the local cycling scene and encouraging others to get on their bikes and have a go!

TT Coordinator

Darren Pitman



Kevin Green

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